June 22, 2024

I am confident that VS factory produces the finest Omega replica watches with the most comprehensive collection. The replica watch industry has rapidly progressed in recent years, resulting in better materials and movements. As a result, the prices of these replica watches are now much higher than before. However, although some factories use superior materials and movements, their watches do not justify their high prices. For example, Noob claims that their watches are the closest to the genuine models, but they make excessive modifications to the movement which compromises the original movement’s stability. Consequently, their replica watches may look very similar to the authentic versions, but they are often unstable and prone to issues such as the GMT-Master from Noob. Therefore, it is important to note that the most expensive watch is not always the best option for you. You must find the right one that meets your needs.

Based on my knowledge and understanding, VS factory is renowned for producing high-quality replica Omega watches, and I am not aware of any other factories that manufacture comparable replicas. While Noob did create a replica Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal watch several years ago, it appears to be an exception, as it is the only Omega watch they have ever produced. In comparison to other Omega Planet Ocean models, this particular timepiece features a distinctive black and white bezel, which sets it apart from the others. This ceramic black and white bezel is often referred to as the “Tai Chi” bezel.

The VS factory Omega Planet Ocean Liquidmetal replica watch has a black ceramic dial with a GMT function, which is indicated by an additional silver hand with an arrow tip pointing at 5 o’clock. The clean appearance of the black dial aligns with your personal style preference. The central hands are crafted from stainless steel with delicately cut surfaces, creating a visually striking three-dimensional effect. The lume on the dial emits a green light on the minute hand, while the other hands and hour markers emit a blue lume light. However, i would prefer the watch even more if it had a full black ceramic bezel.

The 316F stainless steel bracelet features a fully brushed finish, with each individual link meticulously crafted to perfection. Additionally, the sapphire crystal back allows for a clear view of the movement’s intricate components. The watch is equipped with a clone 8906 movement, featuring meticulously decorated platinum-plated movement plates and an auto rotor. Notably, the balance wheel closely resembles the original movement as it is also black. Consequently, this clone 8906 movement bears the closest resemblance to the authentic Omega 8906 movement.

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