June 22, 2024

Hour Vision Blue is a unique member of the Omega De Ville collection, as it is the only watch in the collection with a transparent case back. This distinct feature has garnered significant attention since its release. Prior to the establishment of VSF, there was another factory known as SSS that produced a replica of the Hour Vision Blue. However, in comparison to the SSS version, VS factory has implemented numerous significant enhancements in their replica watches.

The main challenge in replicating this Omega watch is accurately recreating the blue dial, as the color and radiating patterns of the dial closely resemble those of the genuine watch.

The hour markers on the dial are meticulously crafted using CNC technology to ensure precision. Unlike other manufacturers, this version of the watch has a corrected date aperture. The time can be adjusted by rotating the hands, just like the genuine watch. The VS factory has independently developed the super clone 8500 movement for this watch.

This Omega replica watch was released in March by VS factory. I already purchased one and took some pictures to share with you. I was really impressed by the blue dial. As I mentioned earlier, VS factory has made significant improvements, particularly in the dial. While the case and bracelet already had a flawless finish, this time they focused on enhancing the dial details. They made multiple corrections to the blue color, radiating patterns, studded hour markers, circles, and date window to ensure perfection.

The replica watch is equipped with a super clone 8500 movement, allowing it to function just like the original. You can easily adjust the time and date on the replica watch, just as you would on a genuine one. Among the available options in the market, the super clone 8500 from VS factory is considered the most accurate version of the Omega 8500 Caliber.

Furthermore, there is also a variant of the replica watch that comes with a black leather strap. This offers you the flexibility to choose based on your personal preference.

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