June 22, 2024

SB, a factory that stands for “So Boring,” has raised curiosity among many people due to its unconventional name. It is widely speculated that SB is the rebranded version of the factory previously known as VS. This speculation is supported by numerous watch dealers who have acknowledged the connection between the two.The confusion arises from two main questions. Firstly, why did VS decide to change its name? Secondly, if they did indeed change their name, why did they opt for a name like SB, which does not appear to reflect a well-established factory?Regarding the first question, it is unclear why VS would choose to rebrand itself. It is worth noting that when VS started producing Rolex replicas two years ago, they did not change their name. Hence, the decision to adopt a new name may have been driven by recent considerations, such as the intention to resume production of Panerai and Omega replicas.To gain a clearer understanding, further investigation is required to determine whether the upcoming Panerai and Omega replica watches from the VS factory will be marketed under the name “SB.” This will shed light on the reasoning behind the name change and its relevance to the factory’s future endeavors.

SB has recently unveiled a new addition to their lineup, the Omega Ultra Deep model from the Planet Ocean 45.5mm collection. This remarkable timepiece boasts an impressive water resistance of 6000m, making it one of the few watches capable of withstanding such extreme depths. With its large and robust appearance, it even rivals the strength of Rolex’s Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA, which may appeal to enthusiasts who favor substantial timepieces. Surprisingly, SB has positioned this remarkable watch at a very competitive price point, making it an attractive option for potential buyers.

The replica watch features a notably large case that measures an impressive 18mm in thickness, and it is constructed entirely from solid 316L stainless steel, resulting in a substantial weight on the wrist. The black ceramic bezel insert is wider compared to other models in the Planet Ocean collection. When viewed from the side, the lugs appear robust, and the case showcases delicate brushing, along with a prominent Omega logo on the brushed crown. The sapphire crystal sits slightly above the bezel, offering a distinctive profile. Additionally, the screw-down solid case back is adorned with a sizable hippocampus engraving.

The dial exhibits a gradient blue hue, with darker tones at the edges transitioning to a lighter blue shade at the center. The water resistance depth of “6000m/20000ft” is printed in white on the dial, although the replica’s actual water resistance is limited to 30m, as stated by the factory. In low-light conditions, the hour markers and hour hand emit a blue luminescent glow, while the minute hand emits a green luminescent light. The color of the replica’s dial closely mirrors that of the genuine model.

The replica omega is fitted with a clone 8912 movement, which, based on the movement description found on reputable dealers’ websites, suggests that it is produced by the VS factory. If there is an opportunity to open the case back in the future, I can provide more information about the movement inside. Lastly, I appreciate the update regarding the upcoming availability of the gray Daytona from Clean factory, noted for its impeccable dial lume.


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