May 25, 2024

The new perfect replica watch from OR factory called the Omega Seamaster Diver. It featured a black ceramic and rose gold case, which gave it an elegant and sophisticated look. Today, I would like to introduce another variant of the Seamaster replica watch, which has a striking all-black appearance. This particular replica is crafted entirely from black ceramic and comes with a sleek black rubber band. Its overall aesthetic is incredibly cool and fashionable.

I haven’t received many inquiries about the price of the rose gold ceramic Omega Seamaster since I posted about it a few weeks ago. In the post, I mentioned that the replica from OR factory is being sold at a high price. It seems like people might not be interested in purchasing it at that price. It’s possible that they are waiting for the release of the new models from VS factory. However, I don’t have any information about when exactly VS will launch these two replica watches. But once they are available, it is unlikely that the prices will be lower than OR’s.

If VS were to produce a replica, it would likely be another best-seller replica Omega watches. However, the replicas from the OR factory also have excellent quality. In the past, I have sold Omega Seamaster replicas from OR and none of my clients have complained about the quality. The polishing and brushing finish on the case is always top-notch, just like other super clone watches. The crown on the replica is made with ceramic and can be pulled out to the first click to adjust the time.

One noticeable difference on the replica is the lume material used on the bezel pearl and dial, which is black instead of white like other Omega Seamaster Diver 300m models. As a result, the lume light on the replica may not be as strong as before. It’s worth mentioning that some clients have mentioned that the white lume applied on the hour markers can become slightly yellow over time.Lastly, it’s important to note that neither VS nor OR use in-house super clone movements in the replicas of the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m.

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