July 21, 2024

This timepiece is a recent release from the VS factory, having been unveiled on August 2nd. On certain websites, you may notice the designation “SBF” in the title of this watch, which is accurate as it stands for “SB Factory,” an alternate name employed by VS Factory in the industry. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about purchasing from an unfamiliar factory, as VS watches consistently maintain high quality. Are you fond of this large-sized watch? I recall that VS previously introduced a blue variant, but this orange version appears more attention-grabbing.

The replica omega is crafted from 316F stainless steel, not titanium. It features a large case with a diameter of 45.5mm and a thickness of 18mm, making it notably hefty and substantial—much heavier than the Submariner and Sea-Dweller. The vibrant orange color accentuates the entire timepiece.

The orange bezel is crafted from real ceramic and includes a luminescent pearl at 12 o’clock. Due to the large size of the watch, all aspects appear substantial, including the oversized bezel markers, prominent hour markers, and robust case. The solid case back incorporates a special locking mechanism and showcases an image of a hippocampus. Upon opening the case back, you’ll find a clone Omega 8912 movement featuring a black balance wheel. Additionally, if you purchase this replica watch, the factory will include an extra pair of black rubber bands at no cost. Despite being offered at an affordable price, even lower than the VS Submariner, the replica boasts a remarkable water resistance rating of 6000m. However, it’s important to note that the replica is not suitable for diving to such extreme depths.  

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